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Respect in Sport Certification

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is a one-hour online module for parents/guardians meant to reinforce their role in their child’s activities, encourage positive sport behaviors, and provide insight into the various roles of other individuals such as coaches and officials. The program empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child's overall enjoyment of soccer.

As a component of the North Durham United Football Club’s Youth Soccer Registration, one parent or guardian of each player registered is required to complete the Respect in Sport for Parents online education program. This is currently a  one time requirement. The online course cost is $12 +HST and is payable by the parent directly to the Respect Group. There is a Certification Number provided to the parent as proof of completion which the parent will be asked to produce upon each registration.

The course certification is transferable from/to other sports associations involved with the Respect in Sport program. For example, if a parent has completed the online course and received a Certification Number for Hockey, the same parent may ‘port’ or associate their Certification with NDUFC as the chosen soccer club. This occurs within the Respect in Sport parent database and can be done at no cost. All soccer players must be linked to the "North Durham United Football Club" in the Respect in Sport system in order for a certification notice to be received by the soccer club.

If you are taking the course for the first time, please complete the course before May 1st so that your certification can be confirmed to the soccer club before players are rostered to teams at the start of the season.  The Respect in Sport for Parents Certification must be registered as 'completed' in the database to enable your player to be placed on a team. This is a mandatory program.

> Follow this link to take the Respect in Sport Parent Program course.

Parent Program Mobile App Available!

The Parent program will play on virtually every browser for PC's, Mac computers and Mobile devices. Now, you can also download this program and take it with you as an app! Respect in Sport for Parents is now available for download in the App Store for Apple iOS and on Google Play for Android.

The mobile app has the advantage of allowing you to complete the program offline (without an internet connection) after you have successfully initialized it to your user profile. To learn more about the Respect Group Parent Program App, click the link for your mobile device type below to see how to launch and initialize the App:

How to initialize the Apple iOS Mobile App from the App Store

How to initialize the Android Mobile App from Google Play

Refer to the Step-by-Step Respect in Sport Certification Registration Instructions below or Click here to access Respect Group's fully bilingual Helpdesk Support 7 days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM MST

> Follow this link to Port my Hockey Respect in Sport Certification to Soccer. Be sure to add all children who play soccer AND add the 'North Durham United Football Club' to your certificate.

This program has been instituted province-wide since 2017.

Visit the Respect in Sport website for more insight into this program.

Respect in Sport FAQs

Q. What is the Respect in Sport – Parent program? 
A. It is a one-hour on-line education program, designed to make good parents, better sport parents and help parents to understand how to empower the bystander. It is intended to create a platform for positive discussion around issues of respect, and to help make sport fun for kids. 

Q. What if a parent does not have a computer? 
A. Most public libraries provide free computer access, and in some cases clubs will make a computer available in their office for a parent to come in and take the program. 

Q. What if a parent does not have a credit card to pay on-line when they register? 
A. Pre-paid one-time use credit cards can be purchased at numerous retail locations and used to pay. 

Q. I don’t have a Pay Pal account. How will I pay on-line? 
A. Payment transactions are processed by Pay Pal, but you do not have to have an existing account, nor do you have to create a Pay Pal account in order to pay for the program. 

Q. How long is my Parent Program Certification good for? 
A. At this time, there is no expiry; however re-certification is an issue which Durham Region Soccer Assn. and Ontario Soccer may choose to address in the future.

Q. Where does the $12.00 fee go? 
A. $1.00 is for the Pay Pal fee processing, $1.00 is remitted to the Canadian Red Cross (Curriculum Partner of Respect Group), $1.00 goes to DRSA for Administration/Promotion, $9.00 goes to the Respect Group for hosting, 24/7 bilingual help-desk support, program updates, on-going support to DRSA and Clubs. 

Q. I already took the Parent Program through hockey. Do I have to take it again? 
A. No. You can "port" your hockey parent certification over to the soccer parent program in the Respect Group database. Porting instructions are very simple, and can be completed in a couple of minutes. There is no cost to port your certification data over to soccer. 

Q. I have taken the Respect in Soccer program for Activity Leaders (coaches0. Do I still have to take the Parent Program if I have a child playing soccer? 
A. Yes. The Parent Program is different in content from the Respect in Sport Activity Leader program for coaches/activity leaders. The Parent Program was created at the request of hockey coaches, and most parent coaches find the content very beneficial. 

Q. What do I need to "port" onto my pre-existing Respect in Sport for Parents Certificate?
A. You will need to ensure that every one of your soccer playing children are added to the soccer database and that the North Durham United Football Club (listed under Durham Region Soccer Association) is identified as the soccer club of choice  for each of your soccer playing children by name, separately.


Interesting Facts

  • 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13 because they stop having fun.
  • Most common reason: Parental behavior.
  • For every adolescent boy who leaves sport, 6 girls leave.
  • How parents interact and behave with the kids, has a major impact on whether kids remain in sport.
  • The course is portable among sports (only take the course once).
  • 250,000+ parents are certified in Canada (almost Ontario).