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  • Recreational Program Descriptions
  • Long Term Player Development Model
  • Game Schedules (in season)


2024 Summer Schedules are posted here in MAY.

Game Schedules and field locations, by age division, will be downloadable from this page for the Recreational program for the summer season.

NOTE:  Start Time listed on the Divisional Schedule represents the start time of the game and practice. Please arrive 10 minutes prior for attendance taking, etc.

E.g.  Session starts at 6:00pm then the arrival time is by 5:50pm


To register, please visit our Registration Page   

Summer Recreational Registration opens online on February 1st annually.   

Child & Youth Program Descriptions

Please note that all summer programs are co-ed. Programs U8 & younger are offered one night per week while older age groups have a practice night and a game night. The U4 age group requires a parent to participate on-field with your child.


NDUFC Programs follow the Long-Term Player Development Model and Activity Matrix to ensure that players receive the most age-appropriate teaching and coaching, in alignment with recommended age and stage activity durations per age group.


Timbits U4 & U5
Our youngest soccer divisions are co-ed and know as the Timbits across Canada. These "Learn to Play" divisions are designed to be an introduction to soccer, the field, and to develop ball control. The activities are designed to keep these age groups moving and developing ball skills, while learning body co-ordination, teamwork, and a love of the sport of soccer.

Our U4 group is a  Parent & Tot "Learn to Play" structure designed to make your young player more comfortable and engaged in the class.  A parent is welcome and encouraged to get on the field and participate in the skills and activities to learn with their child and join in the play. Having Mom or Dad on the field makes children feel more comfortable participating in a new group activity.

Players meet once per week at the fields, with a program offered in both Port Perry and Uxbridge for an evening that includes lots of fun activities. As the learning progresses, the age group coaches may add a short 3v3 scrimmage on a partial field to introduce the concept of a game. 

Program Duration: 35 minutes

U6 Timbits 
This is a co-ed league played on a small field once a week. Teams will start the evening with a coached practice session and end with an organized scrimmage game with a coach official as the referee. Evenings are designed to increase agility, balance, coordination, and speed, but first and foremost - to be fun and encourage an interest in soccer.

Games begin part way through the season, after some game skills are developed, and will be played in a 3v3 format with no goal keeper. This non-competitive format encourages children to take risks, learn to work as a team, and develop great sportsmanship. 

Program Duration: 45 minutes

U8 Recreational 
At this age, teams include players turning 7 and turning 8 in the calendar year.

Teams will start the evening with a coached practice session and end with an organized game with a referee. 

Program Duration: Practice & Game 40 minutes each 

Format is as follows:

Practice: 6:45PM - 7:15PM

Game: 7:20PM - 8:00PM

Practice sessions continue to focus on agility, balance, coordination, speed, and FUN.  A 5v5 game structure encourages youth to be aware of and understand the positions of other players on the field and advances teamwork and sportsmanship. Goal keepers and age-specific game rules are introduced, adding new challenges for developing minds. No scores or standings are kept so that kids can play without unnecessary pressure to “win”. 

U10 Recreational 
Teams include players turning 9 and turning 10 in the calendar year.

Teams are at the field twice a week and will have a scheduled practice night and a game night. Coached practice sessions are provided by both Club staff coaches and volunteer parent co-coaches. 

Program Duration: 50 minutes per night

Youth will play 7v7 games on a smaller field with a referee and goal keepers. Reinforces basic skills whose mastery are essential to developing technical excellence as a player. Coaches focus on the development of player knowledge of soccer drills, plays and game rules, and excellent player sportsmanship is encouraged at this age. All players are given an even amount of playing time in each position and trying each position is encouraged to help players develop a strong sense of the game and test their skills in a variety of game scenarios. No scores or standings are kept to minimize the emphasis on game wins and overt competition. The focus is on fun & smart, strategic soccer development and player skills rather than wins and losses.

North Durham Soccer Interlock League (NDSI)

(Recreational soccer for tweens and teens)

History: The North Durham Soccer Interlock League was formed a number of years ago to expand the base of soccer players and address the smaller population of teens in the northern communities of Durham Region. The NDSI age group programs are dependent upon adequate player registration. Sufficient registrations to form 4 teams per age group is required to form a division.  These age divisions are currently co-ed to ensure that all teens in north Durham have an opportunity to play recreational soccer.

The NDSI League also collaborates with other Durham soccer clubs each summer to arrange 'away' exhibition games if there is player interest.  This is an opportunity to add to the soccer experience, player & team development, and build camaraderie for these age groups.

Starting at age 11, our NDSI League includes players resident in both Scugog  and Uxbridge Townships and surrounding areas in order to maintain good team and division size. 

U12 Division

This age group includes players age 11 and 12 in the calendar year. Occasionally, players age 13 are rostered.  Sessions are scheduled at our Uxbridge AND Port Perry field facilities. Games and practices scheduling consider registrant residency. Practices and games are held on 2 separate nights each week. We work to schedule all teams from a division at the same facility on a given night as much as possible so that it is easier to carpool with friends regardless of team placement. 

Program Duration: 70 minutes per night

On game night, youth will play 9v9 on a mid-size field with referees and goal keepers. All youth play an even amount of time in each position to help them develop a strong sense of the game. Knowledge of position play and skills for specific positions are further developed. Additional game rules are introduced, such as the offside rule.  Standings are not kept in the U12 division in order to keep the focus the development of higher skills and strategic play from game to game. 

U15 & Older Divisions

These divisions in the North Durham Soccer Interlock league provide older teens age 14 to 18 with the opportunity to continue to develop their soccer skills and enjoy the fitness and friendship that community soccer provides. Games are played at our Uxbridge AND Port Perry field facilities, with one game night and one practice night per week. Teams and coach officials determine the practice night by group availability. We work to schedule all teams from a division at the same facility on a given night as much as possible so that it is easier to carpool with friends regardless of team placement. 

Program Duration: 75 - 90 minutes per night , based on the age group

The oldest divisions play full field soccer and closely follow FIFA rules. The focus is on fun, fair play, sportsmanship and further skill development with a little extra challenge. The player development approach instills the concept of playing soccer for life-long fitness.

Ontario Soccer's Long Term Player Development Pathways

Long term player development (LTPD) is intended to “make the game more fun than ever before for the recreational player and to provide better development opportunities than ever before for those with aspirations for a future in the sport.”

LTPD has been mandated by the Ontario Soccer Association, and the North Durham United Football Club is striving to provide a great program in alignment with LTPD standards.

For more information, you can visit our LTPD information page and find LTPD summary matrices, LTPD brochure OSA game organization guide, an LTAD for Parents document, a Parents FAQ document, a Clarifying Misconception document, and an Ontario Soccer Association LTPD video.

NDUFC Competitive Soccer Programs
A competitive soccer (rep) program is offered by North Durham United Football Club (NDUFC).

As part of the  Player Development Pathway, our Recreational programs develop players during our summer leagues and provide opportunities for high calibre players to advance to competitive play and our development programs in the fall. 

NDUFC is the competitive soccer club for all of North Durham Region (Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock townships). Our competitive program is operated year-round and teams participate in a regional (Durham) league, travelling for games and tournaments throughout the summer and early fall months, and training as a team in the winter.

For more information regarding competitive soccer options visit our Competitive web pages or contact the NDUFC Competitive Administrator at 

Long Term Player Development information

View our LTPD page for further information


The Club offers a Development program for players 12 yrs. and younger and Competitive soccer for players age 13 & Up.

Teams in these programs travel around Durham Region for games and attend tournaments throughout Ontario each summer.

Trials for players are held in September each year to roster teams for the Indoor and upcoming Outdoor soccer seasons.

Links below provide further information on each program.