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New Board of Directors

By Admin, 11/03/21, 9:00PM EDT


At the Club's recent Annual General Meeting there were changes to the North Durham United Football Club Board of Directors.

Outgoing Board Directors Rob Magnante, Andrew Parratt, Mike McGriskin, and Kem Cehajic are thanked for their years of service to the Club. Their business and soccer expertise, and their community volunteerism, has provided direction and ideas to North Durham United  FC for which we are forever grateful.

Outgoing Club President , Grant Oliver, is owed a debt of gratitude for his 15 years of service to the community and the soccer clubs of north Durham. His leadership and willingness to provide oversight, professional knowledge, and take on executive roles within the local soccer clubs has set a positive direction for community soccer that will endure for years to come. Board members acknowledged Grant's exemplary dedication, leadership, and volunteerism and a new Leadership Bursary has been named to recognize his contribution and service to community youth development through his years with the soccer club.

The newly elected Board of Directors of North Durham United FC are:

President - Justin Kouba

Vice-President - Bryan Shipp

Treasurer - Brian Kavanagh

Secretary - Micheline Hill

Directors-at-Large - Francesco Stagliano, Joe Iacovantuono, Blayne Winter, Tara Goulet

The new Board is excited for the year ahead and is hopeful for the return to a typical soccer season by summer. Our new leadership brings fresh ideas to club governance and welcomes others in the community to join the club through board, committee, volunteer and membership opportunities.