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If you're looking for Scugog or Uxbridge house league soccer online registration please visit their web sites


Click Here for the Sport Engine Registration Portal.

For Rep players:

Please note that the NDUFC Registration form should only be filled in by those players officially selected by a team head coach or asked to be call-ups for the team.

Teams for U8 to U12 have unlimited rosters, meaning all players committed to practicing and playing the full season, will all train together, and play equal amounts of time over all league games and weekend festivals.

For teams U13 and up only selected players and "call-up" players picked by the coaches should fill in the Registration form. Call-Up players do not pay a registration fee, but may still be asked to pay team fees (please check with your team's manager/coach). We ask all Call-Ups to still fill out a Registration form and sign it as is contains our Code of Conduct, and gives us your contact info.

Note that Selected players must be fully registered (form submitted and all fees paid and one parent/guardian taken the online RIS course) before playing or practicing with their team come spring. Indoor training is not considered a team practice as it has it's own participation fees. Registration into the OS online system is required 24 hours before a player participates in outdoor team practice or game. This is for OS insurance reasons.

Rep team tryouts and (most) players selections, take place in the fall. Older teams may leave a few spots open until the spring and then top up their roster at that time with a spring tryout. If you are new to the area and/or have not been selected by one of our teams, we encourage you to participate in the indoor training that many of our teams offer. Please let the head coach know you are interested in getting one of those remaining roster spots if they are available in the late spring.

In case you don't make the Rep team please register with one of our feeder house league clubs (Scugog, Uxbridge or Brock) so you can still play soccer on a house league team. You must be registered with one of our house league clubs to be selected as a call up. Call Ups may be asked to play for a rep team a maximum number of league games, and an unlimited number of tournament games. It depends on the league rules, team needs, injuries, vacations, roster size etc.

Registering with one of the house league clubs ensures you still have a place to play in case you don't get selected to one of our rep teams.

If you are selected to a NDUFC rep team in the spring, you can ask for a refund from your house league club. General agreements in the past have allowed you to get a 100% refund and the admin fee waived, but that policy is up to the individual clubs not NDUFC. They will have a time limit on when this offer expires (end of May for example). You can however still play both house league and rep if you wish, you'll just have to pay for both.

  • The NDUFC NSF Cheque fee is $25 per cheque.
  • There is no refund of the original $200 deposit as we have non-refundable payments we need to make starting in December.
  • All refund requests must be in writing (ie email) to the Club Administrator (not your coach) by May 1 of the current outdoor season.
  • There is a $50 Admin fee to process all refunds. No refunds issued after May 1st (unless accompanied by a Medical Release from an Ontario physician). Refunds may be held until May 31 to ensure enough players remain to field a full team.
  • If multiple refunds are made from one team so it jeopardizes the team existence, only a portion of the registration will be refunded so we can cover the clubs costs of league fees and fines, uniforms, etc.
  • Registration forms & cheque(s) should be handed in to your team manager or mailed to the office if you have no manager
  • Team officials should verify all information is included, signatures and correct fee; then hand over it to the club administrator ASAP.
  • Payment can be by cheque or e-transfer, which is preferred. Please don't use cash. See the payment schedule below.
  • Sorry, we can not accept Credit or Debit cards at this time.
  • Call-Ups will need to be issued a player book with a current photo by your house league club, not the NDUFC
  • Some Teams may decide on their own to do extra fund raising for addition tournaments, or team equipment like player benches, tents, etc.
  • For insurance reasons, all fund raising proposals must be made in writing from the team officials to the club and be approved by the NDUFC Board.

Download the 2020 Outdoor Registration Form Here


2020 NDUFC Outdoor Registration Fees:

The full Registration fees are:

  • U08 to U10 : $550 (No increase)
  • U11 to U12 : $575 (No increase)
  • U13 to U18 : $650 (No increase)
  • If you paid your full deposit fees subtract $200 from your amount above.

Full payment is due by: March 15.
($25 late fee will be charged after this date for players selected in the fall)


Browse our Rep Fees Explained (from 2018) document to see how we arrive at our registration fee amounts.

For Players who have been selected by their head coach to be on a team in the fall should...

  • Play the deposit as specified on the Registration form by the date specified (usually Nov 1)
    (if you will have trouble paying our fees, contact the Administrator ASAP as there are charity groups that can help)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer is also available and preferred. Please contract the office for password details.
  • Pay the final balance by March 15.
  • Note that late fees will be charged for fees that are not paid by the deadlines (see the Reg form)
  • Players not fully paid will not be allowed to play or practice with their team as per insurance rules
  • Make sure at least one parent has completed the online RIS course. You can transfer your certificate from Hockey (ask the office for help on how to do that)


Note that all "selected" fall players who sign and submit a Registration form will then be officially registered into the Ontario Soccer system as NDUFC players. Once a player is registered with NDUFC they may not be "signed" with any other Ontario Soccer rep club. You must tell other clubs you are NDUFC registered if they contact you.

A final registration amount will be required in March and will be for the balance of fees owing.

The final registration amount will be set as early as we can so you know the final number. There will also be team fees set by the individual teams to pay for items or extra coaching they decide to purchase, or for extra tournaments or indoor practice that they wish to attend. Teams should meet to decide on team finances as early as they can.