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Club Information

See the Contact page for Office and Board member names, their emails and our mailing address & phone number.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Who are you?

A. North Durham United FC was formed in 2011 as a non-profit independent soccer club after many years of talks and discussion between the Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock Soccer clubs. We are a Rep only club that was a merger of the Rep programs from Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock soccer clubs. The three long established clubs agreed to give up their rep territory to a new incorporated non-profit OSA affiliated club that would combine the skill and talent of the local coaches and players who are passionate about competitive soccer. By combining our quality and quantity of players we can not only field better teams but more teams. The existing clubs will carry on as usual providing house league programs to youth and adult soccer players.

Q. How many teams are there?

A. In our first year of operation we fielded 14 teams (7 boys and 7 girls) with over 200 players. This was an amazing acomplishment considering their were only 9 teams combined from the 3 founding clubs in 2010. Over time we hope to have a minimum of 1 team in every age division from U8 to U18 for both boys and girls so all players will have an opportunity to play at their own age level.

Q. Where do these team play?

A. Teams play in various leagues that operate in the Durham region an beyond. The DRSA runs a developmental league for the U8 , U9 and U10 divisions. The U11 and U12s now also play under the DRSA. A new multi-reginal league was established in 2016 for the many clubs that play in the Toronto and east clubs. NDUFC U13 and older teams should be playing in the York Region District league in 2016. The CSL and CGSL offers soccer for the higher level 3 & 4 divisions from U13 to U18. CSL is for boys, CGSL is for girls. We have had teams play in these leagues but it depends on each teams skill level.

NDUFC home fields will be at the Scugog Soccer Fields, Uxbridge's Fields of Uxbridge and Herrema Fields. Teams may play out of any of these locations depending of field availablity for their age division and playing night. There are many factors as to where each team plays.

Q. How do I join?

A. All teams are Select (U8 to U12) or Rep (U13 and older) and so players must attend a number of tryouts before they can be selected to a team. Tryouts normally happen in the fall after the end of the season (late September). Additional tryouts may happen in the spring so teams, if they wish or need to, can pick up additional players and/or call-up players from the Host feeder clubs of Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock.

Q. What's a Call-up Player?

A. Call-Ups are players not selected to the team, but instead are asked to be substitues on occasion (there are league imposed limits on how many league games they can play for a team) when the teams regular players are not all available. This can happen durring summer vacation or at weekend tournaments when full rosters are desired but some are away. There is no guarentee that a call-up will get to play in any games as it depends on the selected team's attendance throughout the season.

Call-up players for NDUFC must be a registered with Scugog, Uxbridge or Brock soccer clubs. They may not play in "cup games". Call-ups can also come from another NDUFC Rep team as long as their team plays at a lower age division or at a lower division level in the same age group (ie from YRSL up to CSL). Call-up players are not expected to pay any NDUFC registration fees, although they may be asked to join in fundraising activities for their team. Call-ups are encouraged to practice with their NDUFC team. There is a maximum number of call-ups per game. Call-ups need to be registered with NDUFC and have a Player Book (with photo).

The host house league club is responsible for creating and approving the player's book, not the NDUFC.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Rep soccer is more expensive than house league do to the fact the DRSA/OSA fees are higher for competitive players; the Ref fees are also higher and older age divisions require assistant refs which adds to the cost. Rep teams also have league fees, team bonds and sometime club bonds that are due. We also have better quality uniforms and balls for each player. We provide a document (Rep Fees Explained) to all parents to help explain where all the money goes.

NDUFC doesn't not pay its board or coaches any fees, not even compensation. Our administrator is paid.

Q. Can I sponsor a Team?

A.Yes. We budget for each team to retain a Sponsor. It's just $500. A form and more details are on our Sponsor Page. The clubs will also accept Corporate Sponsors. PLease contact our office for more information.

Q. What if I don't live in Scugog, Uxbridge or Brock can I still play with NDUFC?

A.Yes. Roster limits have now been removed so players can come from any Ontario location. Releases are not required like in hockey or lacrosse unless you are coming from another country and played rep soccer there.

Q. Can I still play House league soccer with Scugog, Uxbridge or Brock?

A. Yes. As per the OSA you can play house league and Rep soccer. You may only be rostered to one rep soccer team at a time. If you play Rep soccer you are not allowed to play All-Star Soccer. Note that each club charges and collects it's own separate registration fees. We are a separate club from Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock.

Q. Can I play All-Star soccer with NDUFC?

A. No. We only field Select and Rep teams. Scugog, Uxbridge or Brock may field all-star teams if the numbers and coach commitment is there. Contact your house-league club directly for information or their all-star programs.

Q. I have an issue with my child's coach what can I do?

A. If you are not comfortable talking with you team's coach or other team officials please contact the club head coach, office administrator or president and let's talk. All communications are kept in strict confidence. The club is an OSA affiliated organization and so must follow all the rules and regulations of the OSA, the DRSA and our own constitution and policy and procedures approved by the board. The answers are often within the rules, and we are here to interpret, explain and applying them as best we can.

Q. How do I become or coach?

A. To be called a Rep soccer "coach" you must have an OSA coaching certificate for the age group you are coaching. The courses are run by the OSA. Many are held in Jan-Apr timeframe and all over the province at a host club with many in and around Durham. The OSA web site lists when and where there are being held. Pre-registration an payment is mandatory. Contact our office and we can get you pointed in the right direction. It is the club's policy to refund you these fees but for just one course per year. Sorry, but we don't cover travel or meal expenses. Keep all your receipts.

Those applying to be a NDUFC Head or Assistant Coaches must apply each year (See the Form on the Home page). The deadline is late summer so that we have coaches in place for the fall tryouts and indoor training. All applicants must go through club screening which also includes a police criminal background check.

Q. My team needs a Manger. What involved with that?

A. Each rep team needs at least one manager (two can spread the load) to organize the teams activities. They are typically responsible for collection of registration forms and moneys, ensuring that all players have paid. Creating and managing the games sheets, and handling the cash that is paid to the referees before each game. They may carry the player books and arrange practice times and send reminder of game times and location maps.

They may also organize hotels and meals for tournaments, work with the club administrator to get travel permits for the team and make sure all documents are in order. They also are generally in charge of communications and managing vacation times as well as the teams banking if required. Our Office can provide you with training in what to need to know. Other Managers of teams in the club are also willing to help you. We have a Team officals manual (See the home page) you will receive so you're not alone.


Do you still have a question, or someting is not clear? Please email or call our office and we'll respond as quickly as we can.